christina tullo


The Subject Matter

Everything in society these days is homogenized, wrapped in plastic, antibacterial, sealed for your protection. But what happens when the doors are locked forever?

These buildings hold years of history within their walls. They tell secrets and stories unimaginable to the normal person. I consider it my goal, my privilege, to pull them out of these beautiful derelictions through my photography. Scratches from patient fingernails in agony piercing lead paint, lines of a sunset bursting through broken window panes, rusted machinery gears ground to a halt, moldy employee records of night rounds declaring "all is quiet...."

They all have stories to tell. And I am listening.


The Artist

My earliest memory of fascination with the abandoned began when I was in my early teens on a trip with my family to Ellis Island. "What's in THOSE buildings??" I kept asking over and over while staring in awe at the derelict structures on the closed South Side of the island. "Why can't we look over THERE??"

I'm a 32 year old graphic designer and photojournalist currently living in North Jersey with a BFA in Photography and a BA in Graphic Design.

Color photography on this site was created using a variety of Nikon 35mm digital cameras, and lightly edited for color and perspective. In some cases, some digital photos are actually a combination of two exposures in order to properly render a scene, i.e. one exposure for outside, one for inside.

Any black and white photography was shot using a Nikon FM10 35mm SLR using a variety of lenses and black and white films.